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TYLEST™ is a young company dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of masonry veneers. Our products are ecological and inspired by nature since they are made from at least 60% of recycled materials. We are convinced that with each individual contribution a better planet can be achieved. There is no better satisfaction for us than to have the ability to contribute day by day manufacturing sustainable concrete products that will last longer than the people who manufactured it.


We have the support of an engineering and design studio with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in masonry veneers. Our manufacture process uses the highest quality of aggregates that are structurally strong, physically stable, durable, environmentally inert and light in weight. Our company complies with all the ASTM standards obtaining the desired quality, strength, and consistent performance. All our products are made with lightweight concrete, our own formulas, and techniques making a masonry veneer product for life. 


To glorify God by being faithful to his guidelines making this a successful family-owned business to positively influence every person who comes into contact with TYLEST.


To become the Nation's leading company in the masonry veneer's industry, making the best quality and most affordable products.


Frequently asked questions

What Are The Benefits Of Using Manufactured Stone?

Installed, manufactured stone is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of natural stone. Its light weight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. Manufactured stone has a 2% (approximately) waste factor versus 10% or more for natural stone.

What Is The Diferrence Between Manufactured Stone And Natural Stone?

Manufactured stone veneer is cast from molds of real stone which makes it lighter than natural stone. Natural stone may require wall ties and footings, which, in turn, can increase installation cost and difficulty. Tylest Masonry Veneer's are lighter weight, designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces, and is capable of installations that would normally be very difficult and costly to achieve with natural stone.

How Do I Estimate Stone Veneer Or Brick Veneer Quantities For My Job?

Estimating Stone & Brick Quantities Needed Two components, flats and corners, are used for most installations. Flats are applied to the flat wall surface and are ordered in square feet. Corners are applied to outside corners and are ordered in linear feet. Wrapping the corner of walls, as well as Using corners around window and door openings, provides added dimension and depth and enhances the finished design. Step 1: Determine the total project square footage.
Multiply the length (in feet) times the height (in feet) of each surface area to be covered. Step 2: Subtract windows, doors or other openings.
Calculate the square footage occupied by windows, doors and other openings. Subtract this amount from the project square footage. Step 3: Determine the linear footage of corner pieces needed.
Measure the linear feet of outside corner areas to be covered including any doorways and windows that will have corners. Step 4: Determine the square footage of flat pieces required.
Divide the linear footage of corner pieces needed by 2 (One linear foot of corner veneer equals approximately 0.5 square foot of flat veneer) and subtract this corner square footage from the total project square footage. This will give you the square footage of flat veneer required. Note: We recommend adding 10%-15% to your final quantities for best fitting, including cutting and trimming.

How Thick Are The Stones?

Our product ranges from roughly 0.5″ to 2″ depending on the profile.

How Much Tylest Masonry Veneer™ Weigh?

Our masonry veneers weighs approximately 4-8 lbs. per square foot. Tylest Masonry Veneer™ qualifies as an adhered veneer because it weighs less than 15 lbs. per square foot.

Where Can I Find More Information About Your Products?

You can visit our FAQ section with more detail information or visit our RESOURCES page to download our products MSDS.


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